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Committed to Excellence, Committed to Reveal Benin to the UK

At Benin Connect we are passionate about the opportunity to link BENIN and the UK to forester mutually beneficial growth for both countries and the businesses involved.

The paradigm of African countries needing aid, and their populations looking to migrate to Europe needs to be changed to a new reality where Europe & African can trade & collaborate on a positive basis and economic migration is reversed.

For Benin and other West African countries to transition from aid dependency to becoming truly sustainable economies it’s critical that new win / win trade relationships can be created.

Benin Connect’s objective is to use its government and industry links to facilitate sustainable micro level – business to business links that will create the bottom up growth that will deliver the strategic aims of both Benin and UK Governments.

Meet the Managing Director and Founder

Born in Benin, I was relocated to France aged 12 where I embraced education first in Bordeaux then via the Erasmus programme at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. This opened up avenues to pursue a very successful international career with Tata Steel Europe for the last 25 years working in Commercial, Strategy, Product Management, Technical and Operational Excellence roles in France, UK and the Netherlands.

Family events recently triggered my reconnection to my birth country Benin, where I’ve been inspired to take up the calling for the African diaspora to bring their skills back to their native countries to help drive growth and development.

I founded Benin Connect to help forge the business to business links that will benefit both my birth country and my adoptive one,  as it navigates its way forward in a post Brexit and post Covid19 world for a new relationship between Benin and the United Kingdom.

Mireille D’Oliveira-Richards

MSc Marketing Management with international operations

BA(hons) Business Administration & Management

Lean Six Sigma : Green Belt

Trading with Benin

We are passionate about the opportunity to link BENIN and the UK in a broad range of connections to reveal BENIN in a positive development growth.

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